About Us

About EagleFirst in Service: Not only because our great grandfather was one of the few pioneers in the waste removal industry both in the five boroughs of NY City and throughout Long Island, but because we were the first to introduce dump saving through "Waste Salvage", today called "Recycling."

  • "Dempster Dumpster Service", today known as "Roll-Off Service"
  • "Fixed Carting and Disposal Rates", based on disposal fees and salvage rebates, today called "Recycling Programs"
  • "Customed Built, Retro-Fitted Compactors and Containers" today called "Compaction Systems"
  • It's a known fact that many of the companies in waste management today have succeed in the business by merely following our example

We are still First In Service because even presently, there are still many things our competitors don't do.
Our personally trained Eagle drivers, helpers and yardmen are the best in safety and efficiency.
Our mechanics, maintenance men and office staff must adhere to strict company policy which is reviewed and updated to meet current DOT and OSSA requirements.
Our equipment is scrutinized to insure perfect operation and sanitary appearance.

Whether it be custom built containers, compactors or balers, all Eagle Sanitation equipment is cleaned, painted and maintained on a regular basis, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Even today, after over 70 years in the business, we are still the only company that uses marine paint to sanitize and preserve our dumpsters and compactors, painted inside and out. Our excellent customer service has made us leaders in the waste management industry throughout Long Island. That’s why customers who demand the best choose the company that is "Second to None", … Eagle Sanitation.

With over seven decades of experience, Eagle Sanitation, Inc. constantly keeps an eye on service, integrity and concern.